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VanBrabant Biovisuals delivers clear, accurate illustrations and animations of medical and biological concepts. My studio will work with you to enhance your communication, so your next scientific venture will leave a positive and powerful impact.



Medical Illustration

Having trained alongside medical students and professionals, I am comfortable illustrating a variety of scientific concepts and procedures.


Utilizing motion media, the sequence of a molecular process or a medical procedure can be clearly and beautifully described to your audience. 

Graphic Design

I prepare figures, pages, and books that both match publication 

specifications and are visually appealing in presentation.

Interactive Design

Interactive design through iBooks and other platforms allows the audience to engage with your project and receive responsive feedback. 


Trained at Augusta University, one of four graduate programs in North America, I am experienced in developing visuals that transform challenging scientific concepts into aesthetically beautiful narratives. Different styles, from realistic painting to diagrammatic representations can be used, depending on your project’s scope and your preference. I provide illustrations, animations, modeling, and interactive media for use in:

  • Patient education 

  • Editorial illustration

  • Educational presentations and posters

  • Surgical illustration

  • Textbook and journal publication

  • Pharmaceutical advertising and promotion

  • Biomedical instrumentation



Danielle received her MS degree in Medical Illustration at Augusta University in 2018, which also marks the start of her studio. During her time at MCG, she served as class president and received an 2017 Award of Merit and a 2018 Stenstrom Award of Excellence at the Augusta University/University of Georgia Athens Student Scientific and Medical Illustration Juried Exhibition. She is an active member of the Association of Medical Illustrators and a Board Certified Medical Illustrator. Extensive training with professional medical illustrators and surgeons while attending graduate school and working for the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine has prepared her to take on the unique challenges presented by each of medical illustration’s specialties. Currently, she works with the publication team at Barrow Neurological Institute to create instructional models, illustrations, and animations for their neurosurgery team. 


When not working in her studio, she can be found hiking, hanging out with her dog, and playing music. She also enjoys doing portraits, a hobby she has maintained since high school.

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Danielle VanBrabant

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